Since Chimpy uses Selenium, you get the benefit of using all of the cloud based testing services.

Here is a sample command that you could use to setup a connection with Sauce Labs:

chimpy --host="ondemand.saucelabs.com" --port=80 --key="SAUCE_KEY" 
      --user="SAUCE_USER" --name="foo"

You can also put these settings in a configuration file like this:

module.exports = {
  user: "SAUCE_USER",
  key: "SAUCE_KEY",
  port: 80,
  host: "ondemand.saucelabs.com",
  name: "foo"

See the Configuration page for more details on setting up a configuration file.

Browser Stack Example

module.exports = {
    user: "My Browserstack Username",
    key: "My Browserstack Access Key",
    port: 80,
    host: "hub-cloud.browserstack.com",
    browser: "Chrome",

    // - - - - WEBDRIVER-IO  - - - -
    webdriverio: {
        desiredCapabilities: {
            'browserstack.local': true,
            'build': 'My Build',
            'project': 'My Project Name',
            'os' : 'Windows',
            'os_version' : '7'

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